Monday, April 14, 2014

Smart Locks - The future of Home Security?

I found this video on and thought it was a great look into what type of home security measures will be found in the future.

The video is based upon two different types of locks that are pretty new on the marketplace, and both used electronics and RFID technology to open/close and secure exterior doors on peoples homes. With the advent of more and more home automation, it is interesting to see the advances that the home security market is working on.

Cool things that smart locks can do include:

Telling you if you forgot to lock your front door - Imaging getting a text after you left your home telling you that your door is unlocked! And even better, being able to lock your home by sending a text back!
Ditch your keys - with smart locks in the future you might never need another set of keys!
Let you know when your kids get home from school - each user can be assigned a different access code with an app or key fob!
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