Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Cool Ignition Switch Specialty Company From Phoenix, AZ

We were looking for locksmith services to interview in the Phoenix area, but ended up stumbling across the business AZ Ignition Repair. This is a great idea as most people are unaware that locksmiths perform this service in the 1st place.

We stopped to ask them a few questions.

Q: What Made You Start AZ Ignition Repair?

A: We wanted to make a service specified for ignition repairs as it is a very specific task and many people have problems with their car ignitions. Also we figured we could charge less since we are able to order parts in more bulk as well.

Q: Great Point! So Do You Guys Charge More Or Less Then A Locksmith?

A: Less! Definitely Less

Q: Are You A Former Locksmith?

 A: Actually a current locksmith. We also own a locksmith operation. We opened this company since many customers felt odd hiring locksmith company to handle ignition repairs. So we brought them the brand they wanted.

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